Gorgeous Arabian filly “Cordelia”

This little Princess has graced Classicus for 3 months.  She came green broke and has done exceptionally well.  She has learned shoulder-in, haunches-in, and pirouette all in a short amount of time. She is undoubtedly the nicest mare I have ever trained and I have trained many Arabians.

Cordelia in trot shoulder-in

Cordelia in trot shoulder-in

She is definitely a trainer’s dream.She is very smart and very willing.  She also does not spook much as most Arabians do very well, but is very level headed.  She will go home soon and will be sadly missed.  However her  owner has  recently bought her two brothers and is looking to send me one for training and sell the other one.  Cordelia is from Al-Marah farm in Tuscon, Arizona.  The owner of the farm,  Bazy Tankersley recently passed away and there has been a dispersal sale of the horses.

I wish Cordelia much luck and hope to see her again in the future.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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