About Linda


Linda during a training session at the Barbier farm in California.

Linda studied classical dressage with Dominique Barbier. She was a working student at the Barbier farm in California and cliniced many years with Dominique.  After leaving California, she traveled as a trainer and met a most unusual client considering her background in classical dressage. Valerie Kanavy, 2 time world endurance champion, hired Linda to make her horses supple and flexible. Linda trained world class endurance champions such as Cash, Jedhi, and Fire.  She also trained John Crandall’s horse Heraldic.  This experience led her to the realization that classical dressage would be most beneficial for any horse regardless of the discipline chosen. Linda considers the training to be a tool to make every horse better because of its nonforceful approach in balancing the body mentally and physically.

To further her classical experience Linda has gone to Portugal and Brazil to ride the Lusitanos, a horses most suitable for classical dressage.  However, believing that any horse can benefit from classical dressage, Linda has had much success in training many different breeds in the art of classical dressage.

Linda has published a book entitled Alchemy, Transform Your Horse in Lightness. The book offers instuction in how to make any horse light using three training methods. Included in the book are beautiful photos along with easy step by steo instruction.

Linda riding a piaffe on a Lusitano in Brazil.


Granito, Andaslusian srallion, in piaffe


King, Linda’s Quarter Horse, performing a collected trot in lightness.


Long lining the Spanish Walk