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An interior page featuring the Quarter Horse, King.

“Linda, I recommended you to an endurance rider I met at a luncheon and visited your website this afternoon so I could email this person  link to your website. I was overjoyed to see the picture of King.  I sold him to you in 2006 after he came very close to bucking me off miles from the barn. I’d bought him at an auction and found out that he had been abused.  Riding him a couple of times a week kept the bucking at manageable levels for about a year.  When my work and travel schedule limited my riding to a couple of times a month, he became a much better bucker.  I didn’t see much hope in working with a trainer to turn him around given the limited time I had for riding.  You’ve turned him into a dressage horse, and he looks fantastic.  Thank you so much! You are  gifted trainer!”

Paul Sherland

An interior page featuring the warmblood, Demure.

Now Available for Purchase
Alchemy: Transform Your Horse In Lightness
by Linda Bertschinger

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