Goldic Regeneration Therapy

(better than IRAP, PRP, and Stem Cell Therapy)

There is no cell regeneration therapy that has been FDA approved for horses.  Although Goldic is not a FDA approved therapy, neither is IRAP, PRP, nor Stem Cell Theapy.

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goldic-jumping-horse-testimonyThoroughbred returns to racing after Goldic Treatment

Thoroughbred successfully returns to racing after Goldic treatment.

Thoroughbred successfully returns to racing after Goldic treatment.

Goldic Testimony by Linda Bertschinger

August 2015

Granito, a most extraordinary Andalusian stallion came to my barn in March 2014.  He was 15 years old and was trained to Prix St George level in dressage.  His owner was looking to sell him so I was to tune him up for sales.  When he arrived he was on Pentasan because of lameness issues.  His fetlocks had obvious bony changes and he had been diagnosed with low grade chronic degeneration of all 4 fetlocks.  He had also had a ligament injury at one time.   He was not glaringly unsound but he would sometimes collapse a fetlock when riding him and his front legs would be shaky after mild work.  I cautioned his owner that I thought he could not withstand a show career but only light riding that was not too demanding.


Granito performs a canter pirouette at an exhibition ridden by Linda Bertschinger

In December of 2014 I received an email about a product called Goldic.  I wondered if it might be of help to the stallion.  He was such a wonderful horse and I thought if it would make him more comfortable and give him longevity, he certainly deserved it.  I told his owner about it and we then started the hunt to find a vet to do the procedure.  Finally we found an agreeable equine veterinarian, Todd Burdick, to make the frequent trips to my barn to inject Granito’s fetlocks with the Goldic.

I watched as Todd would put the needle into the joint and then attach the syringe with the Goldic to inject.  I was not expecting quick results but ever so hopeful.  When Todd started the week of the third injections, he was pleasantly surprised.  After putting the needle into the  joint, fluid began to run out of the needle.  Up to this point the joints were dry with no signs of fluid.  Todd commented that the fluid was of a good normal consistency.  The following week after his fourth injection I took Granito to an exhibition in which he performed fabulously.  His legs no longer shook after he worked.  I know as his rider for the past year,  he feels more comfortable in his work, as he is able to do movements more easily than before the Goldic treatment.

I feel like Granito has been given a second chance to shine again.  “Hollywood” as I call him is no longer for sale but resides at my barn where I use him for exhibitions and occasional lessons.


If you have any questions about Goldic therapy,  send me an email or call (540) 459-8591.