Monthly Training

Horses are trained 5 days a week, Monday – Friday.  Training includes field board with hay and grain. The fee per month is $1000.00. Winter training fee from November – March is $1200 per month due to hay costs.

Intensive Training (for horse and rider)

This is offered for both horse and rider to come and stay at the farm for 3 days.  The horse will have two short training sessions per day which is proven to be most effective.   Linda will train the horse during the first session and the rider will be involved in the training during the second session. The rider will also have a lesson on a Classicus school horse each day. This intensive program  will offer accelerated progress for both the horse and rider in a shorter time. The fee for both horse and rider to stay at the farm including 3 sessions per day and room and board for both horse and rider is  $700 for 3 days.

Private Lessons

A session on a classicus school is approximately 45 min. a for private lessons.  The fee per session is $65

Semi-Private Lessons (not for beginners)

A session with two participants on Classicus school horse is approximately 45 min..  The fee per session per participant is $45.

Long Lining Lessons

Learn to teach your horse all of the lateral movements and piaffe on the long line.  $65 per session

Field Board

Horses are kept in large pastures with small numbers of horses.  A run-in shed and automatic waterer is in each pasture.  Hay and grain are included. Use of the indoor arena is available along with trail riding. The fee for field board is $375 per month.

Weekly  Board

Designed for people that want to school in the indoor arena but don’t want a permanent situation.  Ideal for winter riding or during inlcement weather.  The fee is $150 per week which includes field board with hay only.





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